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Fury3 was the first game made for Windows 95; published by Microsoft and developed by Terminal Reality.
It is based on Terminal Reality's previous game; Terminal Velocity, which was DOS-only. 
Although it's very old, Fury3 is insanely fun.  The sense of speed is amazing and, while its graphics are blocky and a bit jittery, it's beautifully presented.

The reason that the game is included here is that it has the most fantastic-looking player ship. The game's developers never gave it a name. It's most-often known online as "The Councilor's ship". The Official Strategy Guide calls it the TDB-1 Terran Deathbringer.
It's unique and not easy to describe. 
For me, it's an F-117A crossed with a Halo energy sword. On a 3D modelling forum, they described it as "a flying blade", which is also good description.

I managed to get a pristine copy of the Fury3 strategy guide for <£50 from an online book store in Australia.
The guide is written partly from an 'in-universe' perspective and contains some interesting lore, some of which seems to clash with what's apparent from the game.  
It also contains some interesting data about the enemies and the mechanics of the game and details about the behind-the-scenes decision-making that went into producing the game.

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Guide - Fury3
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Terminal Velocity - Ending
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39779049_246422056060296 _7187787302121242624_n
Councilor (back) by Ksimpson1031
Councilor (front) by Ksimpson1031
Councilor WIP (front) by Ksimpson1031
Councilor WIP (top) by Ksimpson1031
Fury3 - Box shot
Fury3 OSG - AT
Fury3 OSG - Back
Fury3 Ship by Fnoigy
Fury3 Title Screen
In Game - Top

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Download Icon Terminal Fury by Kmaster 30 MB RAR archive 2019.01.07

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