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Fury3 was the first game made for Windows 95; published by Microsoft and developed by Terminal Reality.
It is based on Terminal Reality's previous game; Terminal Velocity, which was DOS-only. 
Although it's very old, Fury3 is insanely fun.  The sense of speed is amazing and, while its graphics are blocky and a bit jittery, it's beautifully presented.

The reason that the game is included here is that it has the most fantastic-looking player ship. The game's developers never gave it a name. It's most-often known online as "The Councilor's ship". The Official Strategy Guide calls it the TDB-1 Terran Deathbringer.
It's unique and not easy to describe. Look for yourself, it's an F-117A crossed with a Halo energy sword. On a 3D modelling forum, they described it as "a flying blade", which is also true.

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39779049_246422056060296 _7187787302121242624_n
Councilor (back) by Ksimpson1031
Councilor (front) by Ksimpson1031
Councilor WIP (front) by Ksimpson1031
Councilor WIP (top) by Ksimpson1031
Fury3 - Box shot
Fury3 OSG - AT
Fury3 Ship by Fnoigy
Fury3 Title Screen
Fury OSG - Back
In Game - Top

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Manual - Fury3
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Manual - Hellbender
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Manual - Terminal Velocity
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Terminal Fury by Kmaster
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