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v10 Updates

10.7	2023.10.09	Theme selector upgraded
10.6	Theme selector (dark / light)
10.5	Chameleon mode prototype
10.4	Ruby, Site Search
10.3	(2021.12.29)	About and Game Media sections unified under "The Game" section
	SFXB Forum update and re-skin
10.2	2021.05.07	HTML5 video, webp handling
	2021.04.16	Reorganisation of Star Fleet Artwork
	2021.04.05	Admin interface upgraded
	2021.03.12	News subsystem navigation improved
			'Like' option added
10.1	2021.01.31	FB content re-integration
			Forum database cleanup and UI fixes
10	PHP 7 compatibility

Site History

2004.05.07	v5 - Complex frameset, Left menu, Menalto Gallery

2005.01.27	Shoutbox and CMS
2006.01.10	v6.5 - frameset, top menu, + Greymatter CMS
2006.04.08	v7 - iFrame, left menu, rebuilt and simplified
2006.09.14	v8 - PHP, top menu, download details iFrame,
		new forum provided by SFXB

2007.11.16	Move to Dreamhost, left menu

2009.04.08	Previous Versions and Source Code (PVSC) upload completed
2009.06.06	v8.6 - top menu, ImageVue X2 gallery, increased security, PVSC
2010.01.08	X-Archive Coppermine Gallery
2010.05.26	CuteNews CMS
2010.12.03	uploaded Star Fleet and X-Bomber screenshot packs
2010.12.31	Improved layout and CuteNews UTF-8 9 CMS with Captcha

2011.07.06	Version control database w/ source code
2011.09.06	Own CMS; based on MySQL and PHP

2013.04.21	Error handling improved
2013.06.29	Replaced Screenshot Packs (total 3GB) with Star Fleet Galleries
		 - Started creating detailed version history
2014.04.01	Move to Krystal Hosting, Media indexes sub-folders
2014.06.20	Layout and readability improved, 
2014.10.19	Media gets bigger thumbnails, clearer navigation/layout, 
		separation of media files and downloads
2014.12.04	High score uploads unblocked, Site menu reconfigured

2017.11.19	Improvements to the website's handling of very large images.

Previous Locations

Originally, the X-Bomber Game Project had a single page on my site at piersbell.tripod.com, (back in 2002, when people had homepages).

Once the project expanded and the game was released, within the space of about 18 months, the game's website was hosted in the following locations as I was trying to get as much bandwidth and flexibility as possible for free and with a minimum number of adverts:

	2003.02.14	xbomber.tripod.com
	2003.05.06	v1 - members.lycos.co.uk/xbomber
	2003.06.03	v2 - www16.brinkster.com/xbomber
	2003.10.31	v3 - btinternet.com/~xbomber

On 16th December 2003, xbomber.co.uk went up, featuring version 4 of the site. This featured a left navigation bar, used frames and was hosted by Krystal hosting.

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