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👍 21 | 2024.07.13

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This all may not come as news to many of our visitors, but I located this page, still located on the Network Distributing website, some time ago:
The rest of the website, is defunct, as the company went into administration last year.

I didn't imagine that the Supercolorisation blu-rays would ever be released on that basis, but I see that there are reviews for it from early last year on the Gerry Anderson store.

I think that the set must have been released and it then ceased to be available, because I didn't see it on there (or anywhere) for sale, when I discovered the Network Distributing page several months ago by accident.
In any event, the blu-ray set is available again now from a range of places.
I stuck in an order for mine from Rarewaves who have given me good service in the past and had it listed for a lot cheaper.

I'm keen to have more colour screengrabs of Fireball XL5, and if we get 2 further colourised episodes, that'll mean an increase of 200%.
This might be the reason why we're seeing these discs for sale again:
Network titles live on, thanks to Spirit Entertainment - Fanderson


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