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👍 342 | 2024.04.10

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I was sent a huge number of great images from Dan at SFFB over the past few weeks...
I understand that Gary Cass has started producing X-Bomber 3D prints that are colour-3D-printed:
	Gary Cass - More Projects
At the same time, I have some great images of cpltony16's PPA model.
I also received some detailed and interesting images of Andrea Mazzuzi's and CJ Jones' Dai-X model builds.

Matsukami too is working on a 3D X-Bomber model.  Take a look on the forum for more.

I spotted that a number of further Star Fleet-related paintings had been done by eBay user greggsinnit.
The Shiro one is really good, but the Dai-X is still the best to my mind.

Lastly, I noticed last month that there was an odd behaviour with the site, where the server seemed to be interrupting the SLIR image processing, and gallery pages with 100+ images were only loading about half of them.
This behaviour now seems to be fixed.


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