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👍 41 | 2024.02.24

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I was using nitter as a way around having an account for twitter and connecting to their servers directly.
Sadly, the 'guest accounts' on twitter, which were used by now-unsupported versions of the android twitter app, and facilitated content delivery prior to client login, have been removed. 
Without that, nitter has no way to work, and you now have no other way to browse content on twitter without logging into an account, so I created a little burner one to search after Star Fleet / X Bomber content ...

I turned up the below article, which I don't think I spotted in the past, about the Moderoid Dai-X model and how to get the most out of it when building it:
	"X Bomber" Big Dai-X becomes MODEROID! Check out this powerful example based on restored props!
It has some good photographs.


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