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Release date 2023.10.14 Download
File name xb2-084i.zip
File size 277 MB
Mission 6
 - Player missiles and turrets now track cloaked enemies, once revealed by collecting 20 adaptive camoflage debris fragments.
 - Asteroid with crashed attacker type astrofighter added 2-minute mark
	Hover over it to investigate for points bonus.

 - Deathball improved
 - Deathball 2 improved
 - Tank turret pairing logic improved
 - Dust clouds for larger ground vehicles

Mission Briefings
 - Mission 16 briefing complete
 - Mission 15 briefing almost complete

Level 16
 - Omega laser activates during approach
 - Dock area expanded with new background graphics, green heavy bombers and minelayers

Level 16 Boss
 - Overall graphics improved
 - Segment ordering improved substantially, especially regarding the shield ship as it docks and undocks
 - Head animations and weapon cycles improved

Special Weapons
 - Special weapons pod - Dai-X plasma grenade launcher improved
 - RFSG - side shots now orange, rather than red
 - Quantum blaster - retested


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