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« News 👍 337 | 2022.03.23edit

Ruby 2

I finally got my printer working again to print the outline from Shonen Jump.

I intended to do a colour version of Ruby this way initially, by hand, but this way, we see the outputs of both methods.

I received the Kubunshu encyclopedia that has a little summary on X Bomber, but haven't scanned it yet.

At the same time, I won an auction on a Showa colouring book that I'd not seen before.
It's smaller than the others but has a unique cover.
You can see the photos from the listing and I'll scan it once I get my hands on it:
	Colouring Book C

You might notice that the Showa section has been made a bit more organised, so that people aren't trying to find things in a never-ending wall of images.


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