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You might recognise this illustration as Ruby; the main character that gets added in the Shonen Jump X Bomber manga.
Unfortunately, she doesn't feature on the colour inside cover; nor any of the colour preview images on the outside cover or contents pages.
That means that we have no idea about her eye or hair colour etc.

Way I imagined it when reading the manga, was that she had blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.

Anyway, I lifted this outline from p411 of the August 1980 Shonen Jump.

I would've coloured this by hand, except that my printer threw a red screen of death.
So, until I get it working, or I stump up the money for the Epson A3 ink tank photo printer that I want, I had to do it in Photoshop.

I think she came out quite well.  The hard lines and the anime illustration style remind me of the cutscenes to Zone 66, (which is a wonderful game, if you give it a little spin in DosBox).

I think I'm going to do a few different versions of this and have a play with the values.
The background is the moonbase reception hall, that someone was kind enough to provide an image of on twitter recently.

There is a story to that which can serve as a next week's Star Fleet Saturday.


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