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To-do List

Level 02: Asteroid Belt
Environment	run-down ships and junk
Objectives	destroy mining operations, protect habitat zones.

Level 03: Simetra IV
Environment	animals
Opposition	Pirate Fighters
(Player Ships fitted with headlights)

Level 06: Smoke and Mirrors
Environment	Small Asteroid field; Asteroids (dense, briefly) [asteroid w/ Carter's crashed astrofighter]

Level 07: Sargasso
Objectives	escort EDF ships out
Boss	2x small Fortress Planetoids

Level Editor Presets:
	space, asteroids, minefield, space station, nebula, ship graveyard, maze

Multiplayer Power-ups
	Countermeasure / anti-beam particles
	Hyperjump / total repair
	shadow/damage trail
	Gun pods
	Secret level power-up

00	Radar stations, SAM-sites etc.
	Boss:	Turrets, beta laser and plasma bombs
	Recon deathball miniboss
01	More like 'Special Course' from v0.4?
	Death planetoid miniboss
	Update hotspot on command carrier and add new weapons
02	Extra enemies (super mining claw) and mining environment after mid-level bosses
	Asteroid turrets (Dual Laser and Gatling types - fixed-vertical-fire and tracking - darker colour)
	Extra fighter/bomber types
03	Enemy buildings (based on Imperial Fortress)
	Radar installation and anti-aircraft flak turrets
	Re-entry effects, searchlights, isotope bonus, 
	Mini shield generators to share additive overlay with larger versions
04	Planet, Wrecked ships, Missile strike
05	Boss:	Shield ship with rifle/sword
		Sounds for weapons
		Articulated head object
07	Skull NPC movement and firing
08	Enemy hovercraft and subterrenes 
	EDF missile launchers
09	Tracker tanks at boss (mk.ii w/ missiles and yellow shots), 
	HoverFlyz, Missile/Gun boats, 
	Attack crawlers, 
	Missiles for Subs, 
	Revisit mission 9 graphics
10	Death-X - Mass-production type units
11	Assault Crawlers 
	'Woodlouse' Tanks
	Snow-coloured hovertanks
	Revisit mission 11 underwater mode
	Check underwater weapons.
12	Shield and Rifle/Cannon for Boss
	Variable direction for Cruiser
	Heavy Fighters
	More installations?
13	Animate Boss head, 
	Laser-Sat repair sequence
	Fighter cover
	Escaping ships
14	Boss: Shield detach behaviour
		Boss head object
	Attack cruiser blue: Side Heavy Pulse Guns, Mine launcher, Plasma mines, Fighter Launch, Cloak, Self-repair
15	Damage indication on enemy cruiser

 - Environment:	Jet Streams in Atmosphere, Searchlights
 - Implement 'original' X-Bomber player ship option
 Roll-Up: FG.Holos, Planets, Orbital Platforms
 Game Options Checkpoint (interval/off) | Camera shake (on/off) | Window/change resolution | V-Sync (on/off)
 Particle options actuator life, fire mode (static/dynamic), vapour trail life, debris particle life and cap

 - Statistics: # Targets destroyed, # Missions played, # Dai-X Fighters destroyed, # Mode changes, Shot accuracy
 - Near-Earth planets
 - Plasma and fusion cannon upgrades
 - Merge Alliance [cruise, nuke and frag] missiles
 - Merge player missiles
 - Merge enemy turrets
 - plasma mine dispenser

HUD / Dialogue
 - Internal damage
 - Large object approaching
 - Proximity/approach alert
 - Warning: foreign object / Alien Device Attached
	- surge, drain, damage (for power sappers etc.), 
 - Yellow Countdown for timed MiniBosses
 - Dai-X Fighters - launch-ready/repaired - (ref-ready audio)

New Enemies
 - Extra Alliance Ground Installations, including extra turret types
 - Healing enemy - repairs enemy (and possibly player) while attached
 - Spatial torpedo enemy - unguided > constant homing
 - Kamikaze - unguided approach
 - Thief enemy - steals special weapon or other item - destroy to retrieve
 - Eiichi Saito: Lizard tank, heavy fighter, assault ship

Black Hole Bomb
 - Improve graphics and object movement (check shader example)
 - Extra damage to ground targets (indicate via special particles?)
 - Black hole weapon available to enemies

Dai-X Missile Types:
 - Thermo-nuke		default
 - Incend-spiral	old
 - Fragmentation	melee

Mission 16:
 - Heavy (grey) and Ultra-Heavy (blue) Bombers, Small Space Death-Xs
 - Minelayer Ship
 - Fortress internal Turrets, missiles, flamethrowers, force-fields, DeathBalls and Trains etc.
 - Boss 2 - Death-X Original w/ Interchangeable Equipment
	- [ Mobility / Bladed Weapons / Ranged Weapons ] (uses Ultra-heavy bomber variant as a subflight lifter)
 - Boss 3 - Generator Plant and defences

 - 1:30	Main Gate, Fighters, Green Glyphs
 - Internal Defences
 - Grey heavy bombers with hoverfans and Minelayers
 - Death-X - Variable Configuration Type
 - Internal tramway with trains and deathballs
 - Obstacle course with barriers and timed forcefields

Future Version Roadmap
 - 0.84 - Mission 16, Sound effects refresh
 - 0.85 - Complete Airstrike feature across all missions, including adding all weapons and features to Space Carrier
 - 0.88 - gap-filling, Mission briefings
 - 0.89 - Co-operative multiplayer
 - 0.90 - Cutscenes


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