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« News 👍 4829 | 2020.04.29edit

v0.84e Update 5

The space fortress reactor is nearly finished and quite cool.

I suddenly had to do a lot of work on the xbomber.co.uk site.
I upgraded the SFXB forum, and it now needs PHP 7.
Unfortunately, PHP7 helpfully has all the MySQL functions removed.
The re-working of the website is reasonably far along.
I should have the forum running alongside the website again within the next several days.

I promised a new X-Bomber version at the end of the month but I don't think I'm going to make that.
Once the PHP situation is fixed, I'll finish the gun ports/missile launchers for the reactor.
After that, I'll do a playtest and tidy up what's there before uploading the first new version in well over 2 years.


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