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Shiro Hagen

Shiro Hagen

Shiro is X-Bomber's ace helmsman and captain, since her former Captain; Dr Benn was killed in action by the Alliance in 2999.
Shiro is a brave and impulsive leader with a burning hatred of the Imperial Alliance after they brainwashed and enslaved his instructor; Captain Carter.

Shiro handles all of X-Bomber's flight operations, performs power transfers and operates the X-Impulse superweapon.
He also pilots the BrainCom astrofighter.

Barry Hercules

Barry Hercules

Hercules is X-Bomber's second in command and weapons specialist. He has a gung-ho approach, an endless supply of comebacks and is fiercely protective of his comrades.

Hercules reports on the status of X-Bomber's weapons systems and controls the ship's shields.
He pilots the MainBody astrofighter.

John Lee

John Lee

John Lee is X-Bomber's communications and computer systems expert. Lee has a superhuman appetite and an uncanny 6th sense for danger.

Lee monitors the X-Bomber's systems and reports on the ship's condition. He also monitors sensors and communications and can notify you of available airstrikes.
Lee also pilots the LegTrax astrofighter.



PPA the 'Perfectly Programmed Android' has (unfortunately) survived all of X-Bomber's previous ordeals unscathed and acts as an overriding voice of caution and discipline to the other, more impulsive crewmembers.

PPA looks after X-Bomber when the Dai-X fighters launch and can report on the status of ongoing repairs.
PPA has been known to occasionally fall apart in a crisis and can to become unpredictable when the ship is exposed to powerful electro-magnetic fields.
He will also be sure to warn you when X-Bomber collides with something that it shouldn't.

Dr Benn Robinson

Dr Benn

Dr Benn, former captain of X-Bomber and commander of MoonBase was killed during a lethal raid on X-Bomber. The Dr's wisdom and principled command of X-Bomber has left a great impression on the three young crew members.



The mysterious Lamia; princess of a race of mystics proves to be the last remaining way of stopping the Alliance's total destruction of the Earth. Although Lamia vanishes after defeating the Alliance she is with the crew in spirit if not in person.

General Kyle

General Kyle

General Kyle, supreme commander of Earth Defence Forces provides a model of unwavering defiance against the devastating Imperial Alliance onslaught. His dauntless composure in dealing with the Alliance serves to reassure those around him, even in the most desperate of circumstances.

Professor Hagen

Professor Hagen

The father of Shiro Hagen and designer of the X-Bomber and Dai-X was presumed dead prior to being found by the crew of X-Bomber and returned to Earth where he returned to work completing his X-Project. The Professor's devastating weapons have continually saved the Earth from complete annihilation by the Alliance.

Allied Ships

EDF Astrofighters

McDonnell-Martin F-215 - Ocean Patroller
The F-215 is the mainstay interceptor for the Earth Defence Forces. It is extremely fast and manoeuvrable but has limited durability.
It is armed with a laser torpedo launcher in the nose and can be equipped with Vulcan cannon pods and/or guided missiles.

McDonnell-Martin F-218 - Mars Defender
The F-218 is a more balanced redesign of the F-215. It is a space superiority fighter; slightly slower but more durable and more heavily armed with two wingtip-mounted pulse cannons.
It can be equipped with a large number of guided missiles.

Sukoyan MU-129 - Pluto Defender
The MU-129 is a heavy bomber. Its manoeuvrability is average but it is highly durable and heavily armed with a laser torpedo launcher and two wingtip-mounted pulse cannons.
It can be equipped with a wide range of rockets as well as guided bombs as missiles.

Sukoyan MU-135 - Pluto SEW&C Sentry
The MU-135 is a long-range reconnaissance version of the MU-129, equipped with a powerful sensor dish.
It is armed with two wingtip-mounted pulse cannons and a rapid-fire pulse gun.
It can be equipped with a limited number of guided missiles.

EDF Prototypes

F-222 Viper, SU-237 Thunder, FMS-100 EDF/SDD Hybrid, MAC-15 Magnum, XXF-01 X-Fighter

SDD Astrofighters

SF-60, SA-80, SS-40, SI-40 Hunter, SV-70, ST-90

Impala Star Cruiser

The Impala Cruiser appears at random throughout the game to help you. It is a tough ally with a variety of weapons. It appears individually in Chapter 1 and in groups of 2 and 4 in Chapters 2 and 3 respectively.

The ship was designed by Brad Smith. I don't know anything about it other than what you can see in the render.

Performance: 60, Armour: 600
- 4x Rapid-fire penetrator guns
- 4x Rocket launchers
- 16x Vertical-launch missile launchers
- Rapid-fire pulse gun turret


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