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Astrofighter Carrier

Performance: 60, Armour: 10
Weapons: Laser torpedo launcher; 50-75 or Pulse laser 50-75



The Attacker is a rare, high-performance variant of the Astrofighter. One such craft was piloted by Captain Carter in 2999 and crash-landed on an uninhabited asteroid after it was damaged by BrainCom, piloted by Cadet Shiro Hagan. Since the craft survived mostly intact, EDF was able to study the ship in detail.

It is equipped with a rapid fire version of the standard spread fire pulse laser. The extended nose armour contains either a more powerful laser torpedo launcher or dual standard launchers.
Further refinements include improved sensors and variable-dihedral wings for greater manoeuvrability. The Attacker can withstand more damage than the Astrofighter and features a rear pod, containing a powerful ECM generator.

Performance: 60, Armour: 15
- Heavy laser torpedo launcher or dual laser torpedo launcher
- Rapid spread fire pulse gun

Astrofighter Carriers

Astrofighter Carrier

Performance: 40, Armour: 60 - 120
Weapons Heavy laser torpedo launcher 100 (Type G1) or Pulse laser turret 50 (Type U/A)
Fighter Capacity 6 Astrofighters

Astrofighter Carriers - Destroyer Type

Astrofighter Carrier

The Destroyer variant features a powerful lightning cannon above its head as well as the usual heavy laser torpedo launcher underneath.
This variant cannot carry astrofighters due to the extra spikes fitted to the sides of the ship. These spikes may be heat-exchangers or collimators for the lightning cannon.

Performance: 40, Armour: 120 - 240
Weapons: Lightning cannon (300)
- Heavy laser torpedo launcher 100

Hive Runner, Striker and Defender

The Hive Runner has stronger armour and weapons than the original Carrier.
It mounts dual heavy laser torpedoes, an 8-cell vertical missile launch system and carries 8 Strikers, which are, in turn larger, more powerful versions of the Alliance Astrofighters.

The Hive Runners operate as a detached force, appearing at random throughout the game.

Performance: 40; Armour: 160 - 320 (unloaded), 320 - 480 (loaded)
- 2 x Heavy laser torpedo launcher (200)
- 8-cell vertical-launch missile system
Fighter Capacity: 8 Strikers or Astrofighters

The Strikers are armed with heavy laser torpedo launchers and have heavier armour than the standard Astrofighter.

Performance: 60, Armour: 20
Weapons: Heavy laser torpedo launcher (100)

The Defender is a prototype version of the Striker. It is the same size as the Striker but has a similar shape to the standard Astrofighter

Performance: 60, Armour: 20
Weapons Rapid-fire pulse gun (100)

Brad Smith designed and created the Hive Runner, Striker and Defender as 3D models back in 2004.

Enemy Weapons

Laser Torpedoes

Laser torpedoes reach the target almost instantly, making them difficult to avoid. Glancing hits tend not to be serious but prolonged exposure can cause major damage.
You can stay clear of them by using slower weapons that allow you to 'lead' the target.

Damage/second: 50 (normal), 100 (heavy)

Beam Lasers

High-energy lasers are as fast as laser torpedoes and much more powerful. They can quickly inflict substantial damage on players and allies.
However, they consume a large amount of power when firing. This build up of power can normally be detected by the player ship's sensors and red indicator beams warn the player before the weapon is fired.

Damage/second: 150 (yellow), 200 (red)

Smart Missiles

The plasma missile homes in on the player and cannot be shot down by your weapons. After a while, it loses its ability to home in. Until then, you can either avoid it or you can block it by activating the shield.
The weapon explodes on contact with the player or an ally, causing them about 20 units of damage.

Lime Homes in smoothly on the player
Yellow Homes in in a zig-zag motion, aiming itself directly at the player at intervals
Orange Travels in a spiralling motion around a fixed direction
Aqua Wanders unpredictably; changing direction at random
Purple Turns 90' towards the player when horizontally or vertically parallel with it


The neutralaser doesn't necessarily cause much damage, if any, but it disables systems on your ship, leaving you vulnerable to be destroyed by other enemy weapons.

Aqua Reduces your ship's engine performance by 25% with each hit to the point where the ship can be rendered totally immobile. Engine performance recovers gradually at a rate of 10% per second.


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