Original Japanese X-Bomber Soundtrack LP for Sale.

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Original Japanese X-Bomber Soundtrack LP for Sale.

Postby Viva Chiba » Tue Jul 13, 2004 8:34 pm

Hi, I had an original copy of the Japanese X-Bomber TV soundtrack for sale.This is a beautiful (and probably quite rare) piece of merchandise. The gatefold cover is in great shape (VG++), and retains its original OBI sash. The outside of the cover is a large illustration of the X-Bomber hovering over a space colony. Inside the package, there are small head shots of the crew and some brief notes about them (in Japanese, of course!). Overleaf is the track listing and brief notes on the music. Best of all, there's a large, 2 page insert included in the package. One side is a shot of the entire X Bomber Crew in the cabin, and the reverse contains mecha-ish cross sections of the X-Bomber and the enemy mothership.The LP is in mint condition and plays perfectly. Musically, it is (if you haven't heard it) atypical 80's rock, with lots of loud, rockin' guitar, with some spacey synth and the odd sound effect from the show thrown in. Perfect background music for interstellar dogfights ! Catalogue number for the LP is SM25-5066; it's on SMS records, issued in 1980, and the composers are "Bow Wow". No kidding !?To be honest I'd appreciate about £45-£50.00 for this. . .otherwise I may as well hang on to it. Nice relic of a classic show. People are of course welcome to make me an offer. I may trade for it, if anyone has some decent DVD's or other vinyl LP's (collectibles, not yer dad's James Last!) to swap for it.If anyone is interested (or just wants to put this on the site for reference purposes) email me, and I'll send you some scans. Should you be dead keen I can also play this to you down the phone. (I'm UK based). My email is:undercoverwoo@hotmail.comApologies for wasting your time if the asking price is to high, but a man needs to pay off his credit card somehow!
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