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Site Updates

Postby Crash » Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:16 pm

From here on out, I'll put site updates here so that people can leave feedback about them more easily.

Media Images - Show Details
Added "Show details" button to gallery pages such as
This is mainly to show the image file sizes; particularly in that folder, since some of those PNG images are 6MB.
People with slower connections might otherwise very well wonder why these images are slow to appear in the lightbox.
Our host seems to be very quick at pushing the images through however. Even with an empty cache on a 5Mb/s connection, the biggest images are loading within a few seconds.
The feature also gives you an "Open" button for each image that opens the image directly in the browser without the lightbox so that you can save it more easily.
This option was there before in the form of a ">" button next to the title of each image but I don't know if it was clear what it did.
Anyway, to get this, you now have to click "Show details" in the upper right.
The show details link refreshes the page because I thought having a javascript link unhiding maybe 100 or more different <div>s was overkill.

Sidebar and Style Tweaks
I changed the "latest version" box site's right-hand sidebar and got rid of the green, which I thought clashed.
Instead, I hit the download link with some glow effect to make it no less eye-grabbing.
The space background is less busy and the body text colour is less striking.

Context-sensitive Main Menu
The main sections are constantly displayed but it also shows context-sensitive sub-options below, depending on where you are in the site.
ie. in the Star Fleet section, it shows "DVD Screengrabs" and "Fan Work".
The "+" button that expanded the menu is therefore gone. The idea is to make related locations on the site immediately available while keeping the menu on the homepage itself as straight-forward as possible.
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Domains and Hosting

Postby Crash » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:36 pm

So, the cost of a domain is doubling this year. I'm glad that Nominet are putting the money to good use by donating some of it to charity and paying their staff an average of £80k/yr and giving their directors bumper bonuses. has until Dec 2017 before it expires but in the meantime, I plan on making some discrete enquiries into getting or .net.

In the meantime, I see that, while my hosting costs are hardly going down, we're getting stripped of our daily backup snapshots.
Before, Krystal would let you restore anything from any day in the last 30 days.
Now, even though we've had this all along and our disk space is restricted to 10GB, their servers are still somehow overloaded by backups.
All we get from here on out is a single weekly and a single monthly backup, which I'm not very content about (unless I pay more).

I'm not just about to change hosts however, because I remember what a hassle it was last time.

Someone should buy them a NetApp filer with a WAFL filesystem so that you can backup a file 5,000 times and, provided that file hasn't changed, it only takes up the space of 1 file on disk.

On the positive side, I have changed our domain name so that it points to Cloudflare, which accelerates the loading of the site and acts as a blacklist against undesirables.

If anyone has any trouble with the site as a result of this, let me know and we can switch this off. But my impression is that the site loads much faster with it.

But on the face of it, I can see us maybe changing domain in 2017 and probably hosting provider so we can have more space, more backups and less hassle for less cost. (I remember how much trouble Krystal's stupid firewall and their support team gave me with X-Bomber's high score uploads as well as getting SLIR to run the other year).
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Re: Site Updates

Postby Crash » Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:48 pm

A little while ago, I went about plugging a few vulnerabilities in the site.

I set off today trying to implement natural, not just alphabetical, ordering on folders on the site.
That turned out to be more difficult than I thought but it now works when listing folders on the main page and when they're listed in the right menu bar.

I did manage to improve the context-sensitive navigation on the right of the website in various folders.

In folders that are 3 layers down, like:
Star Fleet > Fan Works > Shane Perry
... an extra menu has popped up for a while now to show you the other folders in the Fan Works folder.
I wanted to improve that by having the list of folders in Star Fleet and Fan Works all together in a single hierarchy, which is supposed to be simpler.

Anyway, you can see how that works at the moment: ... ne%20Perry

I also managed to reduce the number of lines of PHP that the server has to work by quite a lot by through by going back and simplifying things.

A lot of images got added a couple of weeks ago to the Star Fleet Fan Works, Photos and Scans folders which might be of interest.
Have a look around and see what's new.

Does anyone have any requests regarding the site?
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Re: Site Updates

Postby Crash » Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:32 pm

Media Context Menu
  1. Detects and greys out current folder
Version History
  1. Previous projects (Star Fleet _ X-Bomber and Star Fleet the Arcade Game) included
  2. Formatting and organisation improved
  3. Detects whether a filename has been provided for a specific version and whether that filename exists in Game Media/Releases.
    A download link is displayed, if so.
About Section
  1. A wider selection of articles is listed under this section.
  2. About menu greys out the current page
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