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Overlander model build

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:44 pm
by Mark42
Happy New Year to everyone..
To see in 2016 I've just added another one of my build articles on my website here - ... eplica.htm

Its an exact size copy of the 5-foot long studio model, using many of the same kit-parts and wheels... plus around 30 original kits parts left over from the restoration of the original studio model.
I just need to finish my Hawkwing now and I'll have the set.




Re: Overlander model build

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:13 pm
by Crash
I remember the restoration you did on the original Overlander.
I love the photo album with the reference shots.

The blue and silver scheme is less offensive than the orange and silver. I wonder if this has a different colour with it being a support vehicle rather than a fighting one.

Where do you find the space to keep all of these once they're built?

I think Hawkwing is the best aerial vehicle from that show by far.

Ground vehicles are more difficult because they had quite a few good ones.
Wasn't there a yellow space tank that was launched from Spacehawk or am I thinking of another show?

Re: Overlander model build

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:23 pm
by Mark42
Glad you liked it, storage space is a growing concern, especially after the last three models were all around 4 to 5 feet long. Luckily I have a 10 foot long wall of adjustable Spur shelving that allows me to adapt the shelves to match the models.

As you say most Terrahawk models are orange, even most guest vehicles, so its a mystery why they chose Blue this time... even the original model makers couldn't give an answer when they were asked.

There was a Space Tank but the yellow vehicle that you remember was probably the MEV, which was launched from Spacehawk in several episodes.

Re: Overlander model build

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:41 pm
by Crash
I remember the space tank itself - it was based on this Overlander, wasn't it?
It was a single-module Overlander with a very large gun as I remember.

It didn't quite have the charm of the Battletank but it was certainly impressive.

You're right though, what I'm thinking of must be the MEV. They sent it down to Mars and it makes quite an impact on the alien base.

Is there any sign of a Terrahawks blu-ray? Here we have the Fanderson site saying how it was converted for HD back in 2013 (some episodes anyway).
I don't see the point in them doing that if no-one can watch it, especially since the DVDs are actually from tape rather than film.

Re: Overlander model build

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:43 pm
by Mark42
The Terrahawks Bluray seems to have gone quiet, during Andercon 2014 Jamie Anderson talked about it coming out in 2015.
Still we have the 2nd audio series of terrahawks to look forward too, I really enjoyed the first batch - good stories and great to hear everyone in action again.