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First Post

Postby Rachel » Sun Oct 23, 2011 8:03 pm

I wish more old First Post (with Sue Robbie) episodes would appear on Youtube, I'd like to see the one reviewing Terrahawks and Saturday Starship, again. I wouldn't want to meet the boy who said (as I recall), it was "the biggest load of rubbish ever...who wants to see a lot of unrealistic puppets dancing around in spaceships?" The other kiddies who commented on it, liked it; someone said it was brill. One girl wrote in to say the only bone she had to pick with it was Yungstar, whose gargling drove her mad; and apparently her dog went under the table every time he appeared on the TV screen. The gurgling has never bothered me. Different things obviously irritate different people.One of my schoolmates, Hannah, actually said she couldn't stand the programme First Post. I didn't ask why; so I'll never know whether she objected to a "points of view" show for children, at all, or whether she felt it could have been done in a better way. I remember she got fed up of me humming the Terrahawks theme-tune; she requested "Couldn't you hum something different for a change?"

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