The Girl Zeroid

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The Girl Zeroid

Postby Rachel » Sun Apr 14, 2002 12:51 pm

There is only one feminine zeroid, the nurse who operates on Hudson. I didn't catch her name; what is it? I just knew that any zeroid girl would have big eyelashes stuck on, and lo and behold, I was right!God, how did I live without this fantastic programme all those years (nearly 2 decades)? I have decided that if the situation arose where I could only choose one programme to save (like, if I was going to a desert island, and could only take one), it would be Terrahawks. At the moment, I even slightly prefer it to Starfleet; hope I haven't blotted my copybook by saying that, because there isn't that much between them, they're both about equal. But, although I quite like PPA, I'm afraid he can't hold a candle to the zeroids. And, I honestly don't fancy anyone in Starfleet, although if I was gay I would probably be after Makara, Lamia AND Princess Keeli! Starfleet was the show I was most eager to get hold of, when I first discovered this great website; I was remembering the sensational cliffhangers, and besides, it was the programme that first got me interested in the genre. As I explained before, I may never have watched Terrahawks, had I not been wanting to fill the void left by Starfleet ending!Do you remember the Internet searches that led you to this site for the first time? I do: I had been entering "Starfleet" into Yahoo, but just got a load of StarTrek-related results. I then did an Ask Jeeves query: Will Starfleet or Terrahawks ever be shown again? That got me a neat little set of results, one of which led me here.

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The Girl Zeroid

Postby Shane » Sun Apr 14, 2002 7:54 pm

Oh the shame, Terrahawks better than Star Fleet? Only kidding, I can see your point about Terrahawks, it's a little lighter than Star Fleet and It wasn't tied to a story arc in the same sense as Star Fleet, so I guess it was easier to get into. I say this because I can mention Terrahawks, or in particular Zelda to people I know, and they can quite easily recall the show. Of course when I mention Star Fleet to the same people, they look at me in a very puzzled way. I wonder if It was the Britishness (or western style) of Terrahawks that gave it a slightly bigger appeal than the Japanese weirdness of SF.And of course there was Windsor Davies who was quite a high profile voice for the show compaired to the voice actors on Star Fleet.And I suppose being a Gerry Anderson show didn't do it any harm either.Shane.
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