Favourite Numbers?

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Favourite Numbers?

Postby Rachel » Fri Feb 15, 2002 6:17 pm

Does anyone have a favourite number? I have decided mine is 101, because of Terrahawks.So, in the old primary school tradition, if you merge your fave animal, colour, number, and food, here's mine: a pink cat with 101 legs, that likes eating chicken!

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Favourite Numbers?

Postby Shane » Fri Feb 15, 2002 8:35 pm

Cool.I guess mine would be a: Red cat with 3 legs that likes eating spagetti (and drinking Vodka and Redbull). Shane
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Jim Box
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Favourite Numbers?

Postby Jim Box » Fri Feb 15, 2002 9:32 pm

Anyone fancy a Yellow Fish with thirty tails thats swills cider and wolfs down curry and Mars Bars?Didnt think so! Jim

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