Identifying Episodes

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Identifying Episodes

Postby Rachel » Sun Jan 20, 2002 9:37 pm

I have just looked through Phil's Terras pages again, to refresh my mind. Is Space Giant the one very like King Kong, where a Sporilla wreaks havoc in a town, and takes a fancy to the blonde Mary? I had that one on video for a while, back in '84, and I remember there was a very disturbing scene, in which the beast crushes a circus master to death. That could have been horrible for youngsters even smaller than I was at the time!I recall one episode in which Zero says that 2 and 2 = 22; the old playground joke! However, I don't know which one that was. Is any expert willing to help me out, please? Cheers!I'm not sure if I saw the Xmas special! Is it very glitzy? I do remember one where it was Ninestein's birthday, and we even got to see Kate's real hair in that one!I am pleased to see that Play it Again, Sram is on Vol 5, which should be on its way to my family home. I remember that one quite well, and my Kingdom for a Zeaf. Such a shame the Birlgoy episodes are not on video!

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