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Postby Bradster » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:40 am

Welcome aboard. We've all had our bouts of irrational exuberance. I've spent more than a few hours in my day fawning over Star Fleet stuff...

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Postby Zordon » Fri Jan 07, 2005 8:55 am

Although I'm probably the only PR fan on the board is goes without saying that i was purely influenced by Ol Dai-X.I'm a huge fan of gaint robot and transformers, and for the last 12 years been an avid fan of MMPR-PRDT (mighty morphin pr - latest series Dino thunder). Ok the suits suck so does the acting but every weeek without fail i get treated to a 1-1 mecha vs monster bash with over the top hand waving.Many may not know but Sentai (pr in japan) has been ongoing for of 25 years with only 2 months break during each series.the latest US series SPD airs in febuary in paralel with the Jap series Magiranger (which looks very old school)So im more a fan of the Jap series than the US series, even though i have no idea what's going on (on rare occasions there are subs) Long live the gatti
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