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Characters section

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2002 11:38 pm
by AndyThomas
Those of you familiar with the series probably won't find anything new in this section, but I think not having an entire section devoted to the characters was a bit harsh and was really a hold-over from the days when SFXB was basically just a single page. As there's so much material on the site now the characters page was, I think, a bit buried, so promoting it up into its own section seemed the best way to go. I was also conscious that the voice actors section was a little disjointed because you couldn't easily connect the character with the voice actor - that's now been solved because both sets of information appear on the same page. Plus there are some new graphics as well. Next in line for an update is probably the gallery, as the images I've used in the Mecha and Characters section are better than those in the gallery in some respects, so...