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So what did everyone get delivered for Christmas?

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:51 pm
by Crash
The event might be gone but hopefully, we're still happy with some of the haul we got.

I got ...
- the Revoltech Su-37UB Terminator from Muv-luv - it looks so good, I haven't had the heart to open it.
- the Voyager communicator badge from QMx,
- my usual Ships of the Line calendar - thanks to B&Q, I found a clever way to mount that without damaging the holes
- a big purple glass geode thing which looks good on my desk
- Judge Dredd logo t-shirt which I'm wearing a lot at work

and with money, I bought myself ...
- the new XBox One wireless adaptor for Windows to use the new XBox controllers with my PC without a cable.
- an air-mouse/learning-remote/keyboard for the lounge PC.
- Some nice little models of the vehicles from Firestorm
- Dauntless and Kelvin starship models from Eaglemoss
- shipping for my Uchusen magazine

Re: So what did everyone get delivered for Christmas?

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:07 pm
by AndyThomas
Happy New Year one and all - Dai X has now been stripped of his festive wear, at least I remembered it this year! As the small one gets the most presents these days, I decided to raid Amazon flash sales and the like for items including Dollhouse on blu-ray (still not watched), Buckaroo Banzai (random), Marvel universe films I was behind on, Space Above and Beyond box set, Battlestar Galactica (old school) box set...

Ironically I badly sprained my ankle at the end of November and underestimated the recovery time, so having discovered Falling Skies was a box set on Virgin I'd gotten the DVD box set thinking I'd finish the series from a different source and instead watched it all on Virgin! Can't remember the last time I was able to binge something like that! Quite liked it too, although I think it lost its way towards the end a touch...

I can't immediately think of anything else, might pick up the Falling Skies graphic novels at some point...

Re: So what did everyone get delivered for Christmas?

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:17 pm
by Crash
It'd be easy enough to write a line or two of PHP to detect the date range from the fileserver and output different banners.
You cut and paste that into your homepage and away you go.

I might do the same myself for that, birthdays and other special occasions, lol.

You've given me some great suggestions for series to download.

I liked Falling Skies but I didn't get far past where the friendly aliens appear. Did the show go on much further?
I remember one chilling episode where one oblivious old lady was living in a pristine flat when the whole city around her was destroyed and the aliens were looking after her for some reason.
There were moments in that episode that would be quite difficult to completely forget.

Re: So what did everyone get delivered for Christmas?

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:14 am
by AndyThomas
In my old school style, I'd use a Cron job to trigger the change I suppose - but it's only a once a year thing!

I liked Falling Skies because it developed well, I liked Noah Wyle in it too, he sold it well. It does become a little Rah Rah America in places, inevitably, but at 10 episodes a season I was able to plough through all five seasons in the time I had - it sounds like you're about ready for season 3? I caught a little of it a while ago and it seemed interesting so I thought I'd delve into it.

The effects are very, very good, I really couldn't say which were prosthetic as against CGI in some places. I had to grit my teeth a bit at the ending, but they had to stop it somewhere. I thought the whole scavenging mechanic was well thought through, although I found it odd that the bad guys had to salvage stuff themselves for their big buildings and yet were able to field mechs and air superiority - perhaps some of the supporting media provides an insight into that. It's implied that nuclear style strikes were used early doors, but there's no mention of fallout so presumably they used cleaner weapons against military targets.

I'm so out of touch these days, I know of things like Defiance and so on but I just don't have the time to follow them all - perhaps I need to be more selective!

Re: So what did everyone get delivered for Christmas?

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:10 pm
by Crash
I think I was in Season 3 where I drifted off last time. That's me sold, I'm gonna watch the rest of it.
It did have a kind of American Civil War vibe going on, which doesn't bother me. Fallout was the same.

One thing you need to watch, if you enjoyed Falling Skies is "The 100". To say that show is gripping is massively underselling it.
It's so immersive and all-consuming like it feels like a computer game but you don't have to bother playing it. You just strap and watch it.