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Postby Rachel » Mon Dec 17, 2001 8:44 pm

When was the last time this show was on? About 10 years ago? Many moons ago, I named a brand new kitten of ours Wilykat, after Thundercats. He died just last year, aged 13. So I would probably feel very sad if I watched Thundercats now.Cheetara was my favourite character; I would probably have liked her even more if I had been a boy! Mumm-ra was the one I liked least, wasn't he unbearable?Lion-O was very like a leonine version of He-Man; did any of the same staff work on these two cartoons, by any chance?

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Postby AndyThomas » Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:36 pm

Mmmmm Cheetarah ;)In common with several cartoons around the time, He Man and Thundercats were there to sell toys. That said, Thundercats animation was much better than He Man's and distinctly anime - so odds are there wasn't much crossover. I think you'll find the "hero with a big sword" motif crops up a lot in cartoons when you think about it!
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Postby GenoGear » Fri Dec 28, 2001 8:37 pm

I still have the of the old Thundercats tape Exodus and alot of the old toys.

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