Lets do a Haim Saban.

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Lets do a Haim Saban.

Postby Zordon » Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:00 pm

If any of you know i have a huge thing for power rangers and it's original format Super Sentai.now in it's 35 year with Gokaiger (space pirates with a red version of the skull ship)I got thinking that theres could be a possible way of making a few rouge episodes of star fleet using a technique Haim Saban coined durring the mighty morphin power rangers season 2-3due to thier being no more footage of what was MMPR (zyuranger) Haim commission Toei to produce 12 addition episodes so that there would be a smooth transition from the zyuranger footage to that of the follow up seaseon Dai ranger.although the only footage used would be of the white ranger (kiba ranger) and the daimugen (thunder megazord)add a few cut and spliced clips of monsters being slashed and blasted from who knows what for a convincing fight with not actual phyiscal contact and Haim was able to stretch out as much as he could until Power Rangers Zeo where he introduced new powers and zords and didn't relie on the cut and splice method anymore.my point is that there is enough footage in x-bomber, sankukai, messege from space that we could put together a hack job episode.  we'd take footage from star fleet, and redub it with some sankukai footage of new craft.the only problem would be when you get to the badguys.i can't see puppets verses humans actually working.
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