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New guy! New guy here! Comin' through!

Postby FakeShemp » Fri Sep 05, 2003 12:59 am

Hey all!Just wanted to say that I've been enjoying the SFXB site, and numerous other SF sites these past few weeks since I finally snagged the show on video off eBay! Got some discs coming soon, too >ahem< lootbegs  >ahem<! There is some great work here! When I first found this site I was simply awestruck by the amount of available info on a show I hadn't seen in nearly twenty years!Now I've watched almost half the series - trying to parcel it out to enjoy it longer! - I'm still awestruck!Love all the CG X Bomber & Dai X images too - sterling work the lot of ya!I also have a question for you, has anyone customized any action figures of the X Bomber crew at all?I make my own headsculpts for Mego figures (don't worry if you don't remember them - most people don't recall 'em! 8 inch action man type figures with cloth outfits - superheroes are the most known - from the 70's early 80's), and I'm currently pondering sculpting up renditions of the XB crew, & making outfits etc for them!Either that, or tweaking some Kenner Star Wars figure etc!C'mon, I can't be the only one to note the similarity between Shiros tunic and Lukes' one!Anyone got any to share? Love to see some!Well, this is stretching into a novel, so I'll just say "Hey all" again, and hope I fit in here!Keep up the good work!Coz.
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