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X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 2 2020.07.02

For X-Bomber's level 16, I went back and improved the black cloud layer that acts as a transition between the normal space environment and the exterior of the space fortress.  
In the show, the fortress seems to be located inside a thick black cloud, originally, and I thought it'd be good if the fortress released a smokescreen, a bit like an octopus, that you fly through before you reach it.
The way it transitions now looks better.

I also made the 5-tube missile launcher for the space fortress exterior.  I made the launcher rotate inside its enclosure as it fires.  I'm not sure what possible advantage that would give in real life ;) but it made it look cooler.

The only thing left there is to make the launcher for the energy webs that the fortress fired in the show.

Dai-X Booster Prototype 2 2020.06.27

There was no update on X-Bomber the Game on Wednesday, because this week was a bit full-on.
I did have some luck running an old illustration of the THOR booster for Dai-X through Photoshop the other weekend.  It came out quite a bit better than before...

Star Fleet Saturday 39 2020.06.26

Since there's still *loads* of Star Fleet fan art, recently, here's another one...
This is one of my recent favourites by a Japanese artist called Dark Crystal / marine_darkcrys

Updated Sketches 2 2020.06.23

Here's the minisub from level 11 ...
If you call an airstrike during the underwater stage, these are what show up.
... as well as the Andy Thomas patented X-Fighter.

Sketchbook - Lawbreaker 2020.06.20

I was 100% sure that this drawing had been lost or thrown out.

This was supposed to be a half-way point between a modern firearm and the Justice Department's weapon-for-all seasons; the Lawgiver.

Level 14 Boss 2020.06.20

[ Replying to Radisa ... ] 
Yes, the level 14 boss is, for me, the toughest boss in the game.
The weapons that I find work best against it are:

 - ADEN cannons ***
 - Plasma cannons ***
 - EM napalm ***
 - Scalar mass driver ***
 - Positron blaster ***
 - Laser sabre **
 - ODIN booster ***
 - WingBlade ***
 - Plasma grenades ***
 - DRAGOON pack **
 - Quantum blaster **
 - THOR booster ***

Star Fleet Saturday 38 2020.06.19

You know, I've got so much material for Star Fleet Saturday, it's hard to know what to choose at the moment.  I think, with people working from home more, it's meant a big uptick in fan artwork (especially from Japan) based on this 40-year-old TV show...

So, here is an illustration in a really nice style of everyone's favourite villainess.  This is from twitter user "g0sgtfnxejzibvj".

X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 1 2020.06.17

Been working on getting the 4th-page of the briefing screen to display some establishing images of the environment in which the game is taking place...

Here, the moon graphic and labelling is an external PNG file generated in Photoshop, but the Earth and moon orbiting it is dynamic, with the moon leaving a trail behind itself as it moves.

For space missions, the idea is to build some moving models of whichever entire solar system the action is taking place in, which should be quite pretty to look at.

Trekkietar 2020.06.16

The Trekkietar website is a good hoot, and at the same time, completely dysfunctional ...
It'll let you have a TNG uniform but will only let you have an original series phaser in the "body accessories" tab.

So, I went and fixed that, and when I say "fixed", I mean "totally fixed" ...
2019.12.05 | 21:20

https://trekkietar.framiq.com/ wouldn't let me have a TNG phaser.
Found the site with the help of Chris Stough :)

Dave Kennedy - X-Bomber 2020.06.15

I got my print of Dave Kennedy's X-Bomber.  I'm very happy with it.
I recommend checking his page out:

Not a bad photo either; I didn't even straighten that in Photoshop.

Now, I'm gonna want a frame the right size...
My time with NetApp taught me: "if it exists, it needs to be fully-framed".  :D

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