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Dai-X Fighters Illustration Revisited 2019.11.09

I uploaded this a long time ago but it wasn't quite finished.  It's been years but I finally got back to it and finished it.

Star Fleet Saturday 12 2019.11.09

Welcome back to Star Fleet (actually) Saturday,
I said last week that we would have some artwork.  I've shared some of Grim1978's illustrations in the past and now he has some more:
 - Angel of Death
 - Who Will Come and Save Us Now?

Waggonway Ponies 2019.11.03

Here are 'Dominique's little pony' and 'Nikki's little pony'.
These were a bit of a spin-off from Dominique's waggonway project the other year.
	Other > Sketchbook > Waggonway

Star Fleet Saturday 11 2019.11.01

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday ...
Here are some colourful photos from Star Fleet collector; Yaco. :)
Next week, we're gonna have some artwork.

Revisited Sketches 1 2019.10.27

I had a bit of free time last weekend and I went through my old sketches folder and re-worked some of them a bit.
I have a few more on the way, including some new ones. :)

Star Fleet Saturday 10 2019.10.25

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday
Here are some more manga pages uploaded by farfa09.

I saw that the resolution of these new uploads was significantly higher than what we had on xbomber.co.uk before :)

If anyone knows any more about these than what little's available on the site, I'd love to know.

Star Fleet Blu-ray 2019.10.20

The Star Fleet blu-ray arrived this week.  It's been out a while but, for various reasons, I didn't order it until recently.

Both UK and Japanese versions of the show are present on the disc.
Not only is the Japanese version of the series nicely subtitled; (including a 25th episode that was never adapted for a western audience), but so too is the 'preview show' short pilot episode.  :)

Recoil - BFT II 2019.10.19

Recoil; one of my all-time favourite games

Find the original, plus a load of other doodles here:

Star Fleet Saturday 9 2019.10.18

Thanks very much to BladeZ for arranging for me to share my Star Fleet updates on Star Fleet a.k.a. X-Bomber a.k.a. Ekkusu Bonbā Facebook page...

Thanks to Pete Clarke for helping me to decide on the subject of this week's Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday.  :D

I'd seen these images of a poster from Starlog magazine before, but Re93679621 re-tweeted them recently for the 39th anniversary of X Bomber airing in Japan this month.

Century 21 Slough 2019.10.12

I got my Century 21 Slough blu-ray the-week-before-last, but it took me until now to sit down and watch it.
It was interesting and emotional to see the last of the Thunderbirds studio before it was taken down.
In case any Gerry Anderson fans were unsure about what to expect, I put some screengrabs up on 

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