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X-Bomber Special Weapon #9; Laser Sabre - Complete
- Beams reflect off targets more reliably

X-Bomber Special Weapons - Logic1 and graphics2 updates
- #3; Rotator Spread Gun1
- #4; Plasma Cannon
- #5; Scalar Mass Driver2
- #7; Converging Laser Torpedos1

Dai-X Special Weapons - Logic and graphics updates
- #2; WingBlade
- #3; Rapid-fire Spread Gun
- #4; Plasma Grenade
- #8; Quantum Blaster

Player Ships
- Issues with The Skull player ship fixed
- WingBlade afterburners added
- WingBlade shield/HUD logic improved

- Added laser torpedoes and pulse guns to Attacker astrofighters
- Added dual and alternating fire cycles to enemy turrets
- Adjusted rotation logic on space mines
- Early-in-game Boss ships - health doubled

- Screengrab feature improved
- Mission 8 shutdown glitch fixed
- Fixed control mapping bug on options screen
- Update feature fixed

- X-Bomber turret logic improved
- Added more character dialogue
- Mission 08 volcanoes improved

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