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- Hive Runner Carrier and Striker Astrofighter - (designed by Brad Smith)
(Spawn probability is double the final, intended level so that players come across the Hive Runners more easily).

- Game creates screenshots of itself at random intervals, converts them into JPG format and displays these in the Mission Select Menu to give a preview of each mission.
- 'fix' to circumvent Apache server firewall for uploading scores to website
- A few small bugs fixed, including 'x^y' ammo-display glitch on ADEN cannon

- Enemy Spread-bomb sprite and post-processing improved
- Environment clouds in a range of missions improved
- X-Bomber bullets improved
- Foliage added to Mission 08

- Restriction placed on use of Skull player ship's Azuris mode; allows only sparing use of Azuris in earlier missions

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