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Mission 13: Outpost and Mission 15: Battle Cruiser including ...
- Death-X - Space Type Boss
- 'Protect the base' Mission objective
- Time-limited 'full-screen' Boss with destructible individual shield generators

X-Bomber Special Weapon 8: GunBoys 03.14

- New impact and fire particles, new effects on explosions, X-Impulse, shields and Dai-X Black Hole Weapon
- Weapons improved with muzzle flashes, smoother bullets etc. 05.02

- Dai-X (Combined / Fighter) and WingBlade bullets condensed into fewer objects
- Vapour trails and Plasma Cannon weapon made more efficient 03.11
- Special Weapon ammo-handling streamlined 03.14
- Performance issue with explosion shrapnel fixed 04.15

Options Menu
- Missile Trail Length (1 - 100) and Debris Particle Limit (0 - 10,000) options
- Code cleanup.
- Key Assigning accessible by mouse 07.24

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