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I found this intriguing item on Yahoo Japan using Rinkya.com.
This looks to be a collection of signatures from the X Bomber TV series voice cast.
If it was signed on 7th Jan 1981, that would put it around the time when work on the show was completed, given that the last episode aired in Japan in the March of that year.

The following names are returned via auto-translation on the title of the auction listing:

	Takashi Tanaka / Mami Koyama / Toshio Furukawa / 
	Yuji Mitsuya / Naoki Tatsuta / Shigeru Chiba / 
	Reizo Nomoto / Rihoko Yoshida / Koji Mori / 
	Mikio Terashima / Yuzuru Fujimoto / other


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signature card 1
signature card 2
signature card 3
signature card 4
signature card 5

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