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Video and Audio 8

Ending Sequence - Japan - A
 M4V Video; 14.3 MB

Ending Sequence - Japan - B
 M4V Video; 15.9 MB

Opening Sequence - Japan - No Credits
 M4V Video; 15.6 MB

Paul Bliss: Star Fleet Memories - Gateway 97.8
 MP3 Audio; 81.7 MB

Toy Advert - Japan
 M4V Video; 9.9 MB

X-Bomber REMASTER - Episode 1 - Subtitled by Eddie Frank
 MP4 Video; 134.2 MB

X-Bomber REMASTER Preview
 MP4 Video; 205.2 MB
Video Preview
X Bomber - Ready to Launch - Preview Show
 FLV Video; 63.2 MB

Downloads 2

Download Icon
X Bomber Encyclopedia (Japanese Language, 246 Pages) - JN8577
 136.5 MB; PDF Acrobat Document
Download Icon
X Bomber Japanese Soundtrack (Bow Wow, 1980, 17x MP3-128kbps)
 40.7 MB; ZIP Archive

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