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This set, released in 2017, consists of 4 discs as follows:
	Disc 1	Episodes 1-6
	Disc 2	Episodes 7-12
	Disc 3	Episodes 13-18
	Disc 4	Episodes 19-24 + "Making of" special feature

The DVD format is NTSC with a resolution of 720x540.
	The packaging indicates that the set is region 1-encoded but it plays straight away in a UK region Blu-ray drive using Media Player Classic.
The disc features Dolby Digital 2.0 (stereo), which is an improvement over the UK release.

These DVDs were created from 8mm masters, the same as the UK DVD, and for this reason the picture quality is less-than-overwhelming. 
The resolution of the US DVDs is lower than the UK one, making comparison difficult.
In places, the US DVDs seem to have better colour and contrast. Elsewhere, they contain contain odd dithering artefacts and ghosting.

This set is very light on extras although it is well-presented. The DVD menus are more modern than those in the 2009 UK release. The design of the sleeve is bright and appealing while the inside of the case insert features front and side elevations of the X-Bomber and the Alliance battlecruiser.

The 4th disc features the same "Making of" documentary that first featured on the UK DVDs and runs for 33 minutes.


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Menu - Disc 1
Menu - Disc 2
Menu - Disc 3
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Sleeve - back
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US DVD Insert

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