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The French 4-disc DVD set released in 2010 has the best picture quality currently available, having been created from an original 16mm master and digitally remastered. 

The picture is in PAL format with region 2 encoding and a resolution of 768x576.
The picture is very sharp and with very good colour contrast.

Audio is in stereo format - French language only.

The box set is very attractively presented with a striking and pleasant ochre colour scheme. 
However, the on-disc menus are less impressive than other releases and absolutely no extras; on disc or otherwise, are included.

	Disc 1	Episodes 1-6
	Disc 2	Episodes 7-12
	Disc 3	Episodes 13-18
	Disc 4	Episodes 19-24

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Screenshots - Disc 1


Screenshots - Disc 2


Screenshots - Disc 3


Screenshots - Disc 4

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