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Firestorm is a Gerry Anderson TV series, produced in Japan in 2003 and televised and released on DVD only there.
The show is an action-adventure in the vein of Terrahawks/Thunderbirds/UFO.
Involved in the making of Firestorm were some of the producers of Gundam SEED and Final Fantasy.
Most hardware and vehicles in the show are rendered in CGI and traditional cell animation is used to illustrate characters and locations.

The show follows the adventures of the newest of the Storm Force organisation's 9 divisions.
Storm Force is a multinational government-sanctioned paramilitary organisation; much like SHADO in UFO. 
Its main occupation is fighting Black Orchid, which is at first thought to be a high-tech terrorist organisation.

Each of the 9 teams has its own Ocean Storm carrier/megasub. This partly resembles UFO's Skydiver and Captain Scarlet's Cloudbase.

Each Ocean Storm has a Tornado transport aircraft that attaches to the top of the sub.
The Tornado is a Thunderbird 2/Battlehawk cross-over that features stealth mode, supercruise and an invisibility cloak.
Armaments include two forward-firing beam cannons and cruise missiles that fire from several launch tubes on either side of the aircraft.

The Tornado carries two really unique-looking Thunderbolt fighters that are launched from the Tornado's mid-section while the Tornado is in flight.
The Thunderbolts have a launch theme which is reminiscent of the Red Alert theme from UFO.
They are armed with numerous guided missiles and at least 4 machine guns and can be equipped with extra armour and booster components which can be jettisoned in-flight.

The Tornado also carries a fast infantry fighting vehicle that resembles a Captain Scarlet SPV/MSV.
Rounding off the list are the Sea Sharks; which are smaller attack subs that launch from Ocean Storm and double as hydrofoils.

The picture quality of the DVD box set isn't great. 26 x 20-minute episodes are packed onto 3 DVDs. Despite that, the CGI visuals of the ships are impressive but the style of traditional animation is a bit dated and doesn't always gel with the CGI.
The show is also available as about 8 or 9 individual DVDs. I suspect that the picture quality is better on these but it would be difficult and expensive to assemble the series this way.


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