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Project History

Here's a little page where I've pulled together some nice things about the project.

Sprited The Skull; space sailing-ship.
Sprited: Alliance Tanker, Prototype astrofighters, and Scout ships; EDF Tanker, Shuttle.

Tag Messages

Brian (www.venturenine.com)
Great website you have here. I really like what you did with tagger. And your game is awesome. I love shootem ups like this!
I wish I knew how to make games like that. anyways, keep up the great work. love it.
According to the development section you're creating a secret level. How do you access this level when it comes out?
Crash Override
Uh, dunno - I'll figure it out when I come to it. I figure a hidden powerup later in the game
Can't wait to see the next release of X-Bomber! Keep up the awesome work! Been playing since XB1.
XB1 was a long time ago! I didn't know anyone had been following the game for so long.
Thank you very much for the encouragement. It really means a lot.
The engine for X-Bomber 0.8 is looking very good. The Mission 14 Boss design isn't finished yet.
I think I'll release what I have when I've tidied up a few loose ends, call it v0.8 and just say 'I.O.U one Boss'.


X-Bomber 0.84 - Games - Downloads - PC Advisor
Review of v0.84 at Download Crew
X-Bomber is a fast, fun 2D space shooter - betanews

  • "From the start of the game you get to see a very well made menu system which gets you in the mood. The next thing you notice are the AWESOME weapons and great effects. Switching between weapons is a breeze, and all of them look fantastic". "Sounds are perfect, from music to sound effects, this feels like you are in an arcade. Perfect" - Daily Click [ Review ]
  • "Laser Torpedoes rock, we need more More MORE!!!" - The Phantom Hack
  • "the game graphics look great". "Great retro feel to the whole thing"
  • "Brilliant layout, graphics are clean and sharp and most importantly the controls are very responsive" - Shane
  • "Thanks for the addiction" - (Email), "X-Bomber 2.0... Brilliant!" - Egglord,
I remember that X-Bomber 2.0 Alpha was first demonstrated to anyone at a 2004/5 New Years' party somewhere in Durham. Peoples' responses to it were really kind. Once we'd recovered the following morning, I remember one friend saying: "I can't remember much about last night - but that game of yours was fantastic!".

One thing that people have said about the game, that I like to remember is when a friend walked up to me very quickly and it was clear that they had something that they really wanted to say to me. It was: "X-Bomber 2.0... Brilliant!".

People also reacted really well to the new Dai-X system. I asked some friends over MSN to help playtest it. The responses ranged from: "That is SUPERB" to "Oh that's uber-cool"

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