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Level 16 Midway Boss - Design Document

Modes:    [   Mobile Suit   |   Mobile Armour   ]


 - 2 x Rapid-Fire Pulse Guns (wrists, MS)
 - 2 x 7-tube missile launchers (shoulders, MS)
 - 2 x 23-tube missile launchers (chest, MS/MA)
 - 2 x 3-way beam vulcan cannons (wings, MA)
 - 2 x beam cannons (wingtips, MA)
 - 2 x 6x beam vulcan cannons (port and starboard nacelles, MA Mode)

Head unit (MS)
 - 2 x beam cannons (antennae)
 - high-energy laser (visor)

2 x Booster units
 - 2 x Positron Cannons
 - 2 x 3 x Heavy Pulse Cannons (wings)
 - 2 x 4-barrel beam cannon pod (wingtips)
 - Rocket launcher

Aerodynamic shield
 - 4 x Pulse Cannon
 - 2 x Multi-function Launchers

Small shield
 - Beam Cannon
 - Dual Pulse Gun

Gatling gun pod
 - Heavy rapid-fire pulse gun

To Do

finishing boss graphics ...

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