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EDF Advanced Destroyer - Type III

The advanced destroyer has featured in X-Bomber since the original in two variants. In v0.52, you were able to fight those variants when several are captured by the enemy on Vesuvia (Mission 08).
You will be able to control a third variant as a player vessel in the next version.

- 4x high-velocity, rapid-fire linear Vulcan Cannons
- 2x high-energy Phased Plasma Cannons
- 2x medium-calibre Laser Torpedo Launchers
- Delta Laser lightning cannon

Type A - Armament
- Dual heavy pulse gun
- 2 x Phase plasma cannons
- Delta laser
- Guided missiles

Type B - Armament
- Dual heavy pulse gun
- 2 x rapid-fire linear gauss cannons
- Dual medium-calibre laser torpedo launchers
- Delta laser
- Guided missiles

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