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Zentrix Japan DVD Vol 2

I got my care package from Japan...

These Japanese DVDs of Zentrix (a very loveable Chinese CGI anime) are very hard to get.  I have seen complete sets of 6 for sale occasionally but the cost was always unbelievable.
Oddly, volume 2 came up for sale in two places at once, and since I wasn't sure about the condition and details of the listing, and because the price was reasonable, I bought both.
The red one is a new, sealed retail copy and the black is a rental copy.
In the end, it's good that I did get both because the rental had a lot of minor abrasions on the disc and my optical drives did not get on well reading it.

I was keen to get volume 2 since it has everyone's favourite character Akina on the cover; the feisty brunette in the blue jumpsuit.

I also bought a great poster with all the vehicles from Gerry Anderson's Firestorm, which I'm going to have framed.

So, I ran screengrabs on the DVD and its menus and scanned the cover:


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