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Star Fleet Saturday 46

It is Star Fleet and it is nearly Saturday ...

Here's a fun thing that I found on pixiv, which is an image site that's quite widely used in Japan.

This is a really fine image by an artist called Aru of something from the show that doesn't inspire that many drawings; the Alliance astrofighter.

The artist made the observation that, in the show, this thing fires its weapons from the fuselage, rather than from the gun pod thing on the underside.

This may be raking up too much detail but in certain episodes, such as the one with Princess Keeli's planet, they are seen to fire a red or yellow 'ground attack' laser from the weapons pod underneath.
Whenever they fire a laser torpedo stream, it originates from the fuselage and the show is quite consistent on this.
That seemed to indicate to me that the main weapon was intended to be in the nose, as shown, and the pod underneath contained additional armament, which was less-frequently used.

I have meant to go back and 'adjust' the astrofighters in X-Bomber the Game accordingly but I would need to think a bit more about how to make that work with all the available astrofighter variants in the game.

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