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New Captain Scarlet

The Gerry Anderson store had a sale on a while ago, with about 20-30% off.
Of course, the Captain Scarlet blu-ray that I thought about getting was already cleaned out, right at the start.
Anyway, for £20, you got the entire series, a couple of weeks later, and we watched that through over the course of about a fortnight.

It's a really enjoyable show and it gets better as it goes along.

Clearly, whoever made the show had a real passion for combat aircraft.  The episode with the Lancaster bomber was clever and the designs and workings of the Angel aircraft were so good that it gave the show an extra boost.

The show has a scene very reminiscent of those from FireStorm where the Angels attack a Mysteron UFO; as opposed to the Thunderbolts attacking a 'Black Orchid' UFO.
Anyway, that bit features a truly excellent sequence where the Angels return to Cloudbase to re-arm, and the aircraft is carried through the interior of the hangar on hydraulic arms.
You see the refuelling ports go in and the ammunition feeds reloading the missile magazines on the plane, and lastly, it even goes through a carwash phase, where the canopy is cleaned and polished.
The whole process was done in about 15 seconds for each plane.
I almost had a double-take when I watched that.  It was absolutely great.

I used Xilisoft (and AnyDVD HD to handle the decryption) to generate a mighty deluge of screenshots, which people might enjoy:

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