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« News 2020.05.08

X-Bomber v0.84f

O B J E C T I V E S   --------------------------------
Level 16
 - Fortress exterior - add cruise missile launchers
 - Astrofighter dock
	- add minelayer ship
	- add green heavy bomber variant
	- change beam cannons so that they track player
	- add astrofighters
 - Progress reactor.
 - Progress 'power transfer' area.

C O M P L E T E D   ----------------------------------
Level 16
 - Interior environment graphics
Level 8
 - lots of bolts tightened
New Special Weapon
 - Dai-X #9; arc sabre
Special Weapons
 - X-Bomber #8; Gunboy
	- firing cycle/animation improved
 - Dai-X #2; lock-on lightning
	- improved sprites
	- smoother beam handover between lock-on and manual modes
 - Dai-X #4; plasma grenade launchers
	- graphics improved
Player ships
 - Various improvements to Dai-X
 - Shield bubble displays properly on all player ships when player hit.
 - Score display and performance counters restored, slight re-configuration

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