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Star Fleet Saturday 19

Star Fleet Saturday comes around again (albeit intermittently)...
I received this X Bomber sketchbook from Japan a while ago and I did promise that I would do a nice big scan of it once it arrived.

This sketchbook is a little smaller than I expected.  The blue one that I have is nearly A3 and this one is a tiny bit bigger than A4.
It took a bit of scanning; meaning that I scanned all four corners and photomerged them to capture the entire area without the ring binding.

The cover illustration has retained its colours very well, considering that it's 40 years old but still seemed to have faded slightly.
I created three outputs with varying levels of colour restoration, ranging from full, partial and none-whatsoever (apart from what the V750 may have taken upon itself to do based on the preview scan), in the order that you see below.

You can find the original JPEG outputs here, along with all the rest of my much-beloved Showa stuff:

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