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X-Bomber v0.84d

Release date 2017.10.10 Download
File name xb2-084d.zip
File size 229 MB
 - Handling of weapon system activation improved in training mission

 - Briefing screen upgraded
 - Astrofighter carriers release astrofighters during levels - partial
 - Vapour and smoke trail performance improved
 - Dust particle system version 4
 - Automatic Dai-X junction (Hold shift).
 - Quantum blaster mechanics improved
 - Dialogue system improved for better readability
 - In-game music handling skips unplayable files.
 - fixed event ordering glitch, when friendly Astrofighters are destroyed

 - Quantum blaster (X-Bomber special weapon) graphics updated
 - Enemy smart mine graphics improved

This version is a significantly larger download than previous versions due to the increased amount of music and external PNG briefing images.
These files will be slimmed down for the next version.

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