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X-Bomber v0.84c

- 1. Superfighter miniboss
- 6. Cloaked enemy effects improved
- 8. Volcanoes
- 10. Add large artefact enemies, improve sun background layering
- Levels 7 and 10; re-balanced; mini power-ups removed

- Player shields (press C) re-balanced and available on all player ships

- Finish X-Bomber guided missiles
- Muzzle flash and impact effects phase 2; laser torpedoes etc.
- X-Bomber turrets and gunboys upgraded
- Rotator spreadgun rewritten with variable bullet speed
- Dai-X Fighter secondary weapons and ammo handling improved
- Several bullets merged and re-sprited
- Laser sabre upgraded - causes more damage after every beam reflection
- Lightning weapons improved

- Sound effects updated
- Music playback glitches fixed
- Soundtrack refreshed

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