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Player Weapons
- Wildfire missiles graphically improved with launch clouds and engine glow
- Wingblade and homing lasers functionally and graphically improved
- Change BrainCom and Legtrax special weapons
- Launch clouds, improved logic and graphics for plasma grenades

- Improved and unified player missile guidance and turret targetting system
- Main battle tank 'turret sharing' logic and movement
- Dialogue: shields and fighter megabombs
- Realtime rotation on more objects; 6MB shaved off project filesize

- Mission 9 water texture improved - now more 'ocean' and less 'swimming pool'
- Check Shockwaves on all bosses

- Mission 4: Improve planet and explosion sequence
- Mission 16: Colour-scheme change on mid-level boss

User Interface
- Options menu streamlined
- Logic and graphical changes to main menu

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