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Fury3 and Terminal Velocity Comparison

Terminal Velocity - 2704 AD

Player Ship: TV-202
Organisation: ASFAR

Fury3 - Sometime after 2832

Player Ship: Name Unknown
Organisation: Coalition / Council of Peace

  1. PAC Plasma assault cannon
  2. ION Ion burst cannon
  3. RTL Rapid targetting laser
  4. MAM Manually-aimed missiles
  5. SAD Seek-and-destroy missiles
  6. SWT Shockwave torpedo (aka. Super missiles)
  7. DAM Discrete annihalation missile (aka. Smart bomb)
  1. SKL Servo-kinetic laser
  2. Dispersion cannon
  3. RFL Rapid-fire laser
  4. DOM Dead-on missiles
  5. VIP Viper missiles
  6. BFM Bion fury missiles
  7. FFF Fission-fusion-fission bomb

Weapons 1-3 function identically between TV and F3 but their sprites are different.
- The PAC fires light green plasma like blobs whereas the SKL fires jagged orange tracers.
- The ION fires reddish flare-like projectiles whereas the DIS fires gold spinning discs with 4 blades.
- The RTL fires faster-moving pink-purple lasers while the RFL fires blue needle-like lasers.

Weapons 1 and 3 are interesting because they become more powerful, the more ammunition you acquire. Initially, the weapon fires alternately between to firing points. When either weapon has 100 ammo, it fires from both points simultaneously, giving you twice the firepower. When the weapon has 200 ammo, it fires from four firing points simultaneously. The weapon reverts back to single, alternating fire when ammo drops back to 0. It's practical to use SKL for soft targets and let the ammo build right up in the RFL so you can hit bigger targets 4 times as hard with it without worrying about running out of ammo.

Weapons 4-7 are exactly the same between TV and F3. 4 is a unguided rocket. 5 is an identical-looking guided missile. 6 is the same missile with a more powerful warhead.

7 is a megabomb that produces a flash and destroys all non-boss enemies within visual range. Powerups: - 120 Units afterburner fuel - Full shield restore - Power core (10% shield boost) - 30-second invincibility - 30-second invisibility Missions - Most missions have 3 levels. Proxima 7 has 2 and the unknown body 1. Each mission features a boss in the last mission. The 9 missions are split into 3 chapters 1. Ymir (ice planet) 2. Crythania - Boss: Hellhawk warship 3. Moon Dagger - giant space battleship/planetkiller 4. Tei Tenga 5. 6. 7. Centauri III 8. 9. Proxima 7 10. Unknown body

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