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This version was known as v0.4 beta at the time.

- Internal beta for v0.37 - no installer - contains config and save files for access to all levels
- Press [T] in most levels to skip to Boss
- Thanks to the testers; Nyxs, LafOutLoud and Peter (@ gibbering.net)

Mission 04: Minefield and Briefing 10.19

- First version compiled under Multimedia Fusion 2
- Performance: Application fully-rebuilt from object and event level
- Mission 00 re-assembled, High Scores Menu rebuilt to remove corrupt string 10.09
- Hundreds of fixes, improvements and performance optimisations

User Interface
- No 'mouse grab' in Menus 05.24
- Menu systems updated 10.19

- Sound Effects Improvements
- 32-Channel Sound Mixing
- Internal Volume control

- Online High Scores 05.24
- Documentation updated 10.09

Beam weapons collision effects fixed 10.19

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