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Special Weapons


There are two sets of 10 special weapons available for X-Bomber and Dai-X, which occur in the game as follows:

Weapon Mk 1 Mk 2 Mk 3
Yellow, Blue, Orange 1 6 11
Green 2 7 12
Aqua 3 7 12
Red 4 8 12
Grey 5 8 13
Purple 9 13
Magenta 10 13
Lime 14


Yellow - ADEN Cannons

The ADEN cannon pod contains 4 x 90mm, 8-barrel rotary gauss cannons that fire depleted-uranium penetrators
The cannons fire from a 6,000,000 round magazine, sufficient for 69 seconds of continuous fire
The weapon shreds multiple targets at once
- Marginally effective against larger targets
- Future upgrades, comprising armour-piercing and hybrid high-explosive rounds, are planned to increase effectiveness against larger targets

Blue - Homing Missiles 250 500 1,000 rounds

- Track any thermal or LIDAR signature, defined as a hostile by X-Bomber's CMS. Each high-agility missile has an undeterrable guidance system and a powerful anti-ship warhead.
- Planned upgrade: dual launchers with 500-round magazine

Orange - Rotator SpreadGun

This pulse weapon uses an oscillating muzzle with two diverging barrels to release a pattern of fire over a wide area
- Planned upgrade to increase firing rate and allow simultaneous fire with other weapons

Green - Plasma Cannons

Plasma weapons were once the reserve of space stations and planetary defence arrays. This miniaturised quad plasma cannon discharges 20 rounds per second per barrel. The weapon can blast through the toughest targets but has a steady energy consumption.
The weapon requires a short pause between volleys to prevent overheating

An improved, multi-stage helium-3 pulse cooling system is planned to allow uninterrupted, sustained fire.

Aqua - Scalar Mass Driver energy 50 75 rounds

Fires 6-metre, cylindrical neutronium munitions at multiples of lightspeed using scalar energy. The weapon has a 1 metre deviation over a range of 100,000 militons. Hold [Z] to charge. Release to fire.
- Initially draws power from weapons energy to develop charge
- Planned upgrade to add magazine of 50 disposable energy cells, allowing semi-auto fire

Red - EM. Napalm 3,000 4,500 litres

Works on same principal as Laser Torpedoes but bombards a wide area, dissipating after a distance. Stream is guided by an EM field, making it snake and curve according to X-Bomber's movement. It sets targets alight, damaging them even after you stop shooting them.
- Planned upgrade to increase napalm-tank capacity to 4,500 litres

Grey - Converging Laser Torpedoes

Removed in accordance with treaty signed with the Simetran Government. The converging mode can be re-installed as a special weapon. The mode requires more power but creates extensive damage.
- A weapon designed to replace this system, called the Positron Blaster, is undergoing R&D.

Purple - GunBoys 6 8 units

These sentry drones attack the opposition within laser cannons. They hold a nasty surprise for the enemy when destroyed - Can be deployed anywhere by pressing [Z].
- Planned upgrade: replace weapons with anti-ship pulse guns and increase magazine size to hold 8 units

Magenta - Laser Sabre

A rotating turret emits three diverging beams that damage and reflect off enemies. The beams cause greater damage the more times they reflect.

Lime - Booster Internal power, 2,000 rockets

The Booster docks with X-Bomber and provides two phased plasma beam cannons as well as two 24-tube rocket pods with 1,000 rockets each. When unselected, the Booster charges X-Bomber's shields, weapons and X-Impulse systems and repairs the armour. The Booster can be damaged and destroyed by enemy weapons fire. As the Booster sustains damage, its cannons become less effective.

Dai-X Fighters

  • BrainCom - Spread-fire pulse guns 256 (mean)
    - Emits up to 7 diverging streams of fire from dual 25mm beam Vulcans.
  • MainBody - Rapid-fire pulse guns 340 (mean)
    - Fire up to four streams of pulse shots directly ahead.
  • LegTrax - Rapid-fire Spread-gun 298 (mean)
    - Emits up to 5 diverging streams of fire at extremely high muzzle velocity.
    - Further upgrades provide an automated, turret-mounted pulse gun.

Dai-X Special Weapons

Yellow - Wildfire Missiles

Two 16-tube shoulder-mounted launchers release a swarm of semi-guided missiles from a 500-round magazine.
The Wildfire missiles might not always go where planned but their high-explosive warheads make a definite impression when they get there.

Blue - WingBlade 60 90 120 seconds

WingBlade is an independent ship and an augmentative weapon for Dai-X. When unselected, it flies alongside the Dai-X, attacking the enemy independently.
When selected, it docks with Dai-X and fires a stream of lightning that curves and locks onto enemies that it touches.
This weapon is time-limited to 60 seconds - whether selected or unselected

Orange - Rapid-fire SpreadGun Energy

A back-pack-mounted weapon that projects two streams of pulse lasers ahead as well as four smaller calibre streams to either side at a high rate of fire.

Green - Plasma Grenades 1,000 rounds

The plasma grenades are fired from two 3-barrel launchers on the shoulders.

The plasma grenades have no on-board propulsion. That means a larger warhead and more shots per magazine.
The grenades can land practically anywhere but explode with great force.
They leave behind a cloud of charged particles that spreads out and damages nearby targets.

The 1,000 round magazine should last a while.
The weapon inflicts a lot of damage over a large area and is effective against most targets. However, the effective range is not especially high.

Aqua - DRAGOON Pack 6 12 24 units

The 'Six-Shooter' backpack stores and launches six 'remote weapon' attack drones; each with a beam cannon, that attack the enemy independently.

Red - Homing Lasers

A magazine of shielded nano-robots guide a series of high-explosive plasma missiles to their targets.
- Consumes own ammunition and weapons energy

Grey - Point Singularity Bomb

Purple - Quantum Blaster

The quantum blaster is made up of two beam rifles that combine to fire a quantum particle blast that can be charged up for increased power.

When unselected, the two rifles will fire independent particle beams in rapid succession.
When selected, the rifles combine and the weapon will fire a quantum blast with each press and release of the trigger.
When the trigger is held while the weapon is selected, the quantum blast will charge until the trigger is released.

The quantum blast charges to maximum power after about a second and its power increases exponentially as it charges.

The quantum blast travels through small-medium targets. If the blast hits a large target, it explodes, creating a damage sphere that spreads out causing heavy damage to that target and those nearby.

Magenta - Classified

I'm still thinking this one up.

Lime - THOR - Tactical Heavy Ordnance Reinforcement

Works as a Booster for Dai-X, providing two phased plasma beam cannons as well as two guided missile launchers and two beam cannons. When not selected, THOR charges Dai-X's shields and weapons; reloads the missiles and repairs the armour.

Underwater Equipment

Underwater Environment - Mission 


RFUP: Rapid-fire Underwater Penetrator

Weapons Countermeasure
X-Bomber Z - RFUP - 3-directional (2000)
X - Hunter torpedoes (500)
C - Underwater laser x2
Dai-X Z - UWP x4 (2000)
X - Cluster torpedoes (500)
C - UPG x2
Plasma flare dispenser
BrainCom RFUP - 5-directional, wide dispersal ECM
MainBody RFUP x4 Intercept
LegTrax RFUP - 4-directional, moderate dispersal Decoy drones

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