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Dai-X Weapons
- Split into primary and secondary categories, giving you more control over what to fire and when:
- Primary: Pulse guns, Lasers, Special (Fire: Z, Select: Shift)
- Secondary: Mega missiles, X-Tracer, Micro missiles (Fire: X, Select: Ctrl)
- Heads-up-display expanded accordingly
- Dai-X secondary weapons; esp. X-Tracer, improved

- Dai-X Fighter shields improved
- X-Bomber blocking shield added - Press C to activate.
- Asteroid spawn logic improved - increases randomisation of asteroid fields
- Energy swarm (in Missions 7 and 10) improved - makes both levels fairer
- Players' guided missile / homing laser logic updated
- EDF Astrofighter firing-points updated

- Heat haze effect and linear shadows improved for Mission 10
- Muzzle flashes for Dai-X pulse gun improved, CIWS-fire alpha-blend randomised

- In-game Dialogue 2 - Cleverer crew with more helpful things to say
- Power transfer logic improved
- Rotator SpreadGun and Dai-X Fighter special weapon logic simplified
- Object-selection glitch on Hive Runner laser torpedo launcher fixed

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